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Serving executives and leadership teams. 

Educate. Ideate. Create.

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Educate. Ideate. Create.

Web3 and encompassing technology areas such as DeFi, DAOs, NFTs, the Metaverse, Cryptocurrency & Blockchain can be confusing. There is a lot of information out there - we turn off the noise and get to the facts, help you make sense of it all and plan a path forward.

Core Services

Our services are all offered individually but create a natural stepping path for organizations to move from education to ideation to concept creation.

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Half Day

  • Extensive overview of web3

  • In depth sessions on topics including blockchain, cryptocurrency, DAOs, NFTs and the Metaverse


Full Day

  • All half day +

  • Breakout sessions and 1:1 meetings

  • Industry analysis

  • Getting set up in web3 (Open Sea account, digital wallet etc for attendees)

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Virtual or in-person

Two Week Design Sprint

  • Executive / leadership team education and up-skill on all things web3

  • Case studies and detailed overview of other organizations and what they are doing in the space   

  • Defining your web3 goals and strategy

  • Addressing current executive questions and concerns

  • Ideating on web3 concepts and ways to experiment in the space

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Virtual or in-person

Continuation from the Ideation stage. We bring a chosen concept to life in the form of a pilot or MVP to be shared within the organization or externally with customers.

Meet the Team

Avro Advisory Web3 Core Team & Specialists


Toronto, ON, Canada


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